Are There Complications With Nasal Polyps Surgery

Complications can occur in all operations. In nasal polyps surgery, there are also the normal risks of complications of an operation, in particular a bleeding and very rarely an infection.

If you feel well, you can go home after the nasal polyps surgery. It is recommended that you arrange help for the first 24 hours after the procedure, so that you are not alone and can be helped if necessary.

You will receive an instruction from the nursing department for home, which states the period when you need to get back for checkup.

When tampons are placed in your nose after the operation, they are usually removed a day after the operation by the  doctor or nurse. In such cases one may not be allowed to go home.

Your nose needs time to heal. The advice below promotes healing and reduces the chance of developing complications.

You can just eat and drink. Be careful with heavily seasoned food and hot drinks the first few days after the operation.

During the first day after the operation you take it easy, so do not lift heavily, bend over and press on the stool. It is also advisable not to take hot showers.

The second day after the operation you can resume light work. Consult with your attending physician first if your normal activities consist of performing heavy physical procedures.

Rinse your nose six times a day with a saline solution – dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of lukewarm water and rinse the nose with the help of a syringe. As the nose becomes cleaner, you can reduce the number of times you rinse.
By following these tips you will recover faster and have lesser chance of re-occurrence of nasal polyps after surgery.


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