How To Counter Nasal Polyps?

To treat nasal polyps, the doctor usually prescribes special nasal drops, nasal spray or tablets with corticosteroids. As a result, the polyps shrink, causing the symptoms to disappear.

If the prescribed medication does not help, surgery is recommended. Here, the visible part of the nasal polyp is removed under local anesthesia.

A polyp that is deep inside  cannot be removed with this operation. This is only possible by means of an endoscopic nasal surgery. The tissue removed during this operation is always examined by a pathologist.

The first few days after the operation, some blood or mucus may run out of the nose. You may not blow your nose the first days.

Furthermore, you should rinse the nose regularly and keep it clean with a saline solution after surgery.

After surgery, patients usually get a long-lasting nasal spray with corticosteroids, which prevents the growth of polyps.

Nevertheless, nasal polyps can come back. Despite treatment with medication and surgery, these continue to come back in some patients.

This is more common after a polyp extraction than after an endoscopic nasal cavity operation.

The polyps are then only removed from the nose itself. If the symptoms continue to come back, there can be an allergy or inflammation.

These must then be treated. Often a treatment of the upper respiratory tract has a very favorable effect.

Malignant nasal polyps almost never occur. If a polyp has a different appearance and  or only appears on one side, then it is necessary to remove it in part or in its entirety.

The pathologist, or tissue expert, can then perform a tissue examination. This can then determine whether the nasal polyps are good or malignant.

In case of malignant polyps, there is nose or pharyngeal cancer. This is most common in smokers, viral infections at the nose and when someone inhales nickel dust or sawdust. This form of cancer is well treatable at an early stage.


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